Monday, August 25, 2008

Late to Work

I have come to realize that there are few moments in life which are more troubling than realizing just how lazy the people working in your immediate area really are. Or maybe they're apathetic. I'm too tired to care about the difference.

One of my idiot coworkers - let's just call him Lowflow (like the toilets, which *seem* like a good idea on paper . . . ) - arrived over an hour late this morning. When my boss asked Lowflow where he had been, he responded “FedEx delivered my new TV this morning, and I had to take it out of the box and watch it for an hour”. I truly wish that this were the low part of the story, and that I could now recount to you the story of Lowflow's tearful last 5 minutes in the office, but I can't. Instead, apparently in some kind of bizarre, sad way, my boss (Coach Buzzcut) has this strange kinship with Lowflow and he just nodded and walked away, like he understood perfectly well why this would be a rite of passage. So tomorrow, I'm not coming in at all. And when I finally DO come back to the office, I'm telling my boss that I had my new bed delivered.