Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That Looks Good

I learned something about myself today. I can't stand having someone stop by my desk and make a visual assessment of my lunch. Lowflow stopped by, captivated by the sight of my cafeteria fare. "Oh, that looks nice!" he gushed about my French Dip and onion rings. Thank you, you bacon-eating glutton. I've now been validated in my cafeteria selection - may I eat in peace?? Mind you, this is the same person who ON A DAILY BASIS gags on their lunch because they are eating it too fast. I'm not sure that I have to tell you just how repulsive it is to attempt to eat while someone 5 feet away is dry-heaving over their trash can.

Honestly, the obsession about food in this office is disturbing. Not a day goes by that I don't hear yet ANOTHER of LowFlow's disgusting tales of quantitative eating. You have never truly been charmed until you have listened to another person tell you that they have eaten so much pork that they're "moisturizing their skin from the inside out." It puts the lotion in the basket.