Thursday, May 7, 2009

The AXE Effect

Cox [2:19 PM]:Does Lowflow know we're not gay?

milly [2:20 PM]:You act as though this is some kind of unambiguous fact.

Cox [2:20 PM]:It better be....Cox [2:20 PM]:We (both SS and I) were contacted by Lowflow ...

milly [2:21 PM]:*listening*

Cox [2:21 PM] vote for Steve Wozniak on "Dancing With The Stars" this evening

milly [2:21 PM]:*snickers*

Cox [2:22 PM]:I have an entire episode of 24 that I am watching during that time

milly [2:22 PM]:I shouldn't laugh, but I sat through the most painful handoff with him earlier today, so I'm glad someone else is being annoyed
milly [2:23 PM]:OMG, now they're discussing it here
milly [2:23 PM]:Out loud

Cox [2:23 PM]:Fantastic.
Cox [2:23 PM]:HA HA!

milly [2:23 PM]:Want me to bridge you in? You can listen

Cox [2:23 PM]:YesCox [2:23 PM]:Phone #

milly [2:23 PM]:Some day I should just dial you in and leave my phone on speaker
milly [2:24 PM]:So you can listen to the banter that happens here

Cox [2:24 PM]:lol!

milly [2:24 PM]:However, for the full effect, you should get a slab of bacon, steep it in Axe Body Spray for 2 days, and put it on a potpouri warmer at your desk

Cox [2:25 PM]:That's horrible

milly [2:25 PM]:Smells like prom, being held at the Oscar Meyer farms

Cox [2:25 PM]:Nice visual and olfactory reference though - We are getting the full effect

milly [2:25 PM]:I'm glad to hear it
milly [2:26 PM]:You really have to live the experience to understand just how out of control it can be here some days
milly [2:26 PM]:My eyes were running for the first 2 hours after Buzzcut (old boss) arrived
milly [2:27 PM]:Like the Enola Gay flew over, filled with Axe
milly [2:27 PM]:And just blasted the place

Cox [2:27 PM]:Didn't get the Axe effect?

milly [2:27 PM]:I hope that the effect was seeing me in my skivvies. And I pray that what has been seen, cannot be unseen
milly [2:28 PM]:And if the "Axe Effect" was the one with the tiny little man in his banana hammock, I'll pass
milly [2:28 PM]:I ran into the kitchen for a butter knife to gouge out my eyes after seeing that little runt

Cox [2:28 PM]:Dude...You are giving me visual reference overload here
Cox [2:29 PM]:You gotta STOP!!

milly [2:29 PM]:OK, fine. Puppies and kittens, puppies and kittens

Cox [2:31 PM]:You got airplanes from WWII, banana hammocks, skivies, a scene from a slasher flick...c'mon give me a break

milly [2:33 PM]:Amateur
milly [2:33 PM]:Spend a day in my head, once.

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